My Initial Review of Janus Light

When I was first started talking with Mark and Hamish about the release of a smaller version of Janus, we all became very excited.

Most astrology software is designed for professionals, who neither need nor want interpretations in their software. But there are a huge number of people interested in astrology who want reports as a part of their program, and many of them can't afford the expensive add-on reports (one for each topic, e.g. one for natal, one for transits, etc.) that are available.

And most of the astrology programs priced at $150 or less have little or no interpretation built in, or mediocre reports.

And so Janus Light fills an important niche. It allows people who want to delve into astrology -- but not ready for a professional-level program -- to get started with really excellent software.

And that fact that Janus Light offers so many features including a huge time-change atlas, Swiss Ephemeris precision, animated charts, an astrological calendar, and astromapping is incredible.

If you point to a planet in a chart wheel, it shows all of the aspects that the planet makes. And if you click on a planet, an interpretation of it pops up, including delineations by sign, house, and aspects.

You can customize the program in many ways, including selecting the colors you want of the planet, sign, and aspect glyphs; choose from eight house systems, and adjust the aspect orbs and the appearance of aspect lines (e.g. solid for applying and dotted for separating, thicker for stronger aspects, etc.).

And it also has well-written full Natal, Transit, Compatibility and Relocation reports, even licensed for resale.

I am very impressed by their generosity.

(You can purchase Janus Light at the lowest price here.)

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