Upgrading from Janus Light to Janus 5

Janus Light

Important Note: Both versions of Janus run under Windows, but will not run on a Mac, even with Windows installed on it.

You can upgrade from Janus Light to the latest version of Janus(supplied via download), for only $165.00 by clicking on the following button:

There are many reasons to upgrade to Janus 5, as it has many more capabilities than Janus Light including:

The ability to use many more aspects in every module of the program. (Janus Light only has Ptolemaic aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition).

Many more points including Chiron, Lilith, Fixed Stars, Asteroids, Arabic Parts, Midpoints, and Sums.

Powerful predictive searches including predictive graphs, hit listings, Primary Directions, Distributions, Planetary Cycles, Declination searches, and much more.

Page and Wheel Designers.

Eclipse charts and search.

A huge variety of charts including Progressed, Directed, Age Harmonic, Returns, Lunar phases, ingresses, Rise or Set, Arc Transform, Harmonic, Gauquelin Sectors, Uranian, Horary, Electional Antiscia, Draconic, Composite, Davidson, and Coalescent charts.

Entire modules devoted to Traditional Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Horary, and Elections.

Astrodynes and Midpoint Weighting Analysis.

The ability to edit and modify interpretations and more delineations including:

Interpretations of midpoints in the Natal Report.

Interpretations of midpoint to planets on angles and midpoint directions, Fixed Stars on angles, Fixed Star directions, and Star + Star and Planet + Star Parans and Destiny Crossings.

and more.


You can see a table comparing Janus Light to Janus 5 here.


Buying Janus 5 instead of Janus Light

If, after reading about all of the capabilities of Janus 5, you want to get it instead of Janus Light, at the special price of only $224 (via download), please click on the following Buy Now button:


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